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“It doesn’t matter what you do, cooking French fries or selling real estate, if you work hard and treat people well, you can be successful,” says Zakir Khan. - NY DailyNews

"Zakir Kahn of Parkchester Real Estate, said, ''The main reason the price is going up is the renovations.'' He said that after years of sales from speculators to speculators, new buyers were coming in, reflecting a mix of racial and ethnic groups and jobs." - New York Times

"It's hard to sell people on the things they can't see," says Zakir Khan, who owns Zakir Khan Realty Group (, a local agency that has sold Parkchester units for 12 years." - NY Daily News

"Real estate market up or down- make it a secondary concern. As long you can own a home at the price of renting then you better buy instead of wasting money in renting!" - TBN-24 TV

Today the complex is racially and ethically diverse. According to the most recent Census statistics, 43% of Parkchester residents are African-American, 38% are Hispanic, 13% are Asian and 4% are white. - The Wall Street Journal 

“In the six or eight months since the real estate market has become unstable in some places, Parkchester has still been strong,” said Zakir Khan, the owner of Parkchester Real Estate. The New York Times 

“I’ve come a long way and I’m very proud,” Khan said. “But at the same time a lot of my work is to help people like me, new immigrants who are just looking for a chance.” - The Bronx Ink 

According to Zakir Khan, owner of Parkchester Real Estate at 16 Westchester Square, the complex’s high demand is evident in its housing market. - amNewYork
Zakir Khan
Zakir Khan